Department of International Relations

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  Head of the Department Mikhail Hurnovich


In accordance with the current trends of the internationalization of higher education, the University cooperates with more than 60 universities and organizations of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the European Union, China and other countries.

The academic staff and employees of the University go abroad for trainings, conferences and symposia. Regularly the University invites professors from foreign universities to give lectures, it organizes international conferences and meetings–seminars of representatives of the leading foreign companies of the USA, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and other countries with the university teachers.

The citizens of the CIS, China, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Nigeria and other countries study at the University. On graduation from the University, they get a diploma.

Foreign citizens are offered to enroll in the preparatory department and in the courses of the Russian language at the main faculties (education period is 4, 5 years), graduate and postgraduate courses and internships. All foreign citizens are provided a room in a hostel. At the students' disposal there is a modern library, a café and a canteen, a medical center, a pharmacy, a sport complex.

The university students participate in international agricultural training programmes of the German Farmers' Association, the German Farmers' Association DBV, the Educational Center "Deula-Nienburg" (Germany).
The University participates in programmes of the International Association of Agricultural Students and related sciences (IAAS).

The exchange of knowledge, information and ideas among students, the improvement of mutual understanding among different countries and cultures are the main objectives of the IAAS.

To achieve these goals the IAAS conducts seminars, organizes work camps, international meetings, exchange weeks, and also carries out international exchange programmes for students.

The University is interested in expanding the scientific and educational cooperation with foreign partners. Its academic staff is interested in proposals of geographical expansion of the training of the university students as well as in the increase in their numbers. The University invites foreign citizens to get a good education.

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